"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God" - Matthew 5:8
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Because you're worth the wait!

A Purity Ring is the most important piece of jewelry that a teen or single adult can wear....

Quality Purity Rings to help encourage purity, abstinence and chastity. Fast same day shipping available!

Included FREE with every purity ring purchase: A Beautiful Gift Box, Covenant of Purity Certificate & Pledge Card

High quality Purity Rings, Made in the USA

Purity rings avaliable in various styles; in 14K yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver and with diamonds and gems in a veriaty in different colors

  • Protected Heart Purity Ring
    Protected Heart Purity Ring Starting at: $29.99
  • Purity Petals Purity Ring
    Rose Petals Purity Ring Starting at: $39.99
  • Love Waits Purity Ring
    Love Waits Purity Ring Starting at: $34.99
  • Gift-Wrapped Heart Purity Ring
    Gift-Wrapped Heart Purity Ring Starting at: $29.99
  • Butterfly Love Waits Purity Ring
    Butterfly Love Waits Purity Ring Starting at: $34.99
  • Covenant Cross Purity Rings
    Covenant Cross Purity Rings Starting at: $39.99
  • Love Waits Enamel Purity Ring
    Love Waits Enamel Purity Ring Starting at: $37.99
  • Everlasting Heart Purity Ring
    Everlasting Heart Purity Rings Starting at: $34.99
  • One Life One Love Purity Ring
    One Life One Love Purity Ring Starting at: $34.99
  • Love Waits Cross Purity Ring
    Love Waits Cross Purity Ring Starting at: $39.99
  • Devoted Rose Purity Ring
    Devoted Rose Purity Ring Starting at: $27.99
  • Love Never Fails Purity Ring
    Love Never Fails Purity Ring Starting at: $37.99

About PurityRings.com

PurityRings.com is a 4th generation Christian family of designers providing high quality purity rings and Christian jewelry in both sterling silver and 14K gold. We have vast selection of purity rings in many different styles including purity rings with diamonds and other gemstones. PurityRings.com supplies purity rings to individuals, youth groups, churches, purity commitment ceremonies and purity balls around the world with this purpose in mind - to encourage purity, chastity and abstinence education. Whether you are a girl or guy, a teen or single adult, we have the perfect purity ring for you. We promise fast delivery and every purity ring comes with a free beautiful presentation gift box, an 8.5" by 11" Covenant of Purity Certificate (that you can sign and frame) and a Vow of Purity Prayer / Pledge Card.

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PurityRings.com Testimony

I'm 26 and even though I don't have a purity ring yet (I will get one soon), I have kept my vow for twenty-six years. I think the reason I have been able to do so is because of my upbringing. It's a choice that only YOU can decide on, not family, not friends, not the world and not society. There were times when my friends had boyfriends I felt left out; but in that along-run I knew I was worth the wait. Since God has someone specially made for me, why should I give myself up to some guy I won't marry, never loved, and will never see again? What makes this really special is that not only does God know I'm worth the wait, whoever my future husband that God has in waiting for me knows I am too.
I.  GA