How to make being successful in Purity your Destination

Girls, guys, teens, teens, single adults often ask how can they be successful in their purity walk. They went to a love waits or purity conference and pledged to be sexually pure until marriage and now they are back in the world and feeling the pressures of the media and society that goes against their value system.

Being successful on your purity journey starts with what is considered the little steps – your everyday decisions. What might seem like small choices or decisions can actually have huge effects on our lives. These small decisions – like what to watch, what websites to surf, who to hang out with, etc all have a profound effect on the direction our life goes in. The direction? Yes, the direction that moves our lives. For example if you make decisions to attend youth / singles group regularly, to join an accountability group, to serve at church, to volunteer, etc, you will see the direction of your life moving toward a place where you are surrounded by people who have a heart for God. Contrary, lets say that you choose to only eat junk food. What will happen? You will see your body suffer, you will feel tired and sluggish and you will bring unpleasant serious medical conditions upon yourself such as diabetes.

So these decisions that you think of as “insignificant” do in actuality steer your life in a particular direction. Over time this direction that your life is going takes you to your destination. Like the example above with only eating junk food, the destination becomes dealing with diabetes, maybe kidney failure, maybe rotting teeth, maybe high blood pressure and poor health in general. Small decisions, like what to eat, will lead to your ultimate destiny or destination in life.

So you’ll agree that the decisions we make in our walk in purity can and will lead to whether
or not we are successful in our purity journey. If we make poor decisions and push the envelope as to what’s morally acceptable and what’s not, before we know it our direction will be away from purity and away from God. When making decisions, right or wrong – they become acceptable and we tend to make them easier the second time. Think about making a decision that it’s okay to go to first base. You do that a few times, then you go to second base. Do that a few times, then you move on to third base, and before you know it, what started out as a little decision to go to first base, now has you crossing home plate and wondering just how you got this far. Your dealing with lost purity, maybe unplanned pregnancy, maybe horrible diseases, maybe a destroyed reputation, maybe a roken family, etc – all from what manifested from a poor “small” decision.

If we make good decisions in regards to what goes into our minds and hearts everyday, we will move in a direction toward God – and we will become stronger in purity. As we walk in God’s will our reached destination will be a glorious wedding day when we walk down the aisle with no regrets, no bad memories, no sorrow or guilt for our past.

If you’ve decided to make the pledge to purity start with the small steps. Make your DECISIONS wisely – through wisdom, through discernment, and through prayer. These decisions will put you in a DIRECTION of successfully walking in purity and this direction will lead you to your DESTINATION of a spectacular wedding and a God ordained marriage.

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