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I'm getting married in one week. I will be giving my future husband my purity ring that I have worn and never taken off since I was 12. I am marrying a strong Christian man who has also saved himself! We have been so blessed for the decision we made to wait, even though we got some flack, it was beyond worth it!!! It is honestly one of the best decisions you will ever make, and it also makes your future partner and best friend feel more valued than anything else you could do. Blessings to all of you!

VS Colorado

Love the quality of your purity rings. Our church's youth group had been purchasing purity rings from another source, but your purity rings are far superior. We are so glad that we switched to you because these will last! We appreciate the fact that teens might wear them for 10 or 15 years and it's good to know that they are high quality. My daughter has even mentioned that she looks forward to the day when she gives her purity ring to her daughter in many years and asks her to make the same pledge. That is so powerful. Again, thanks for making awesome purity rings and shipping them to us in Australia!

Tom Australia

Just got my daughter's love waits purity ring from purityrings.com. You guys are awesome - so helpful on the phone. It's obvious that this is your passion. Thanks for truly caring about teens. God Bless !!

Sandy CA

I love your Facebook fan page. It is so encouraging. The daily devotionals are awesome and I learn so much about purity from them. Thank you for all you do.

Katelyn GA

I cannot say enough about the excellent quality of your purity rings. I bought purity rings from two different websites that were not good quality. Then I found purityrings.com. The purity rings that I bought my son and daughter on your website are solid and well made. I really appreciate the fact that you are jewelers by trade and you manufacture rings in America. Thanks for your ministry. Purity is a long term commitment, so buying a purity ring that is going to last just makes good sense.

Joanie MI

I got a purity ring a while back from this website and I really credit it for being the turning point that changed my life. It's a constant reminder of God's love for me and His plan for me. That alone gives me the strength to be pure and trust Him. I love my purity ring and the purity certificate that came with the ring is beautiful. I signed it, framed it and it is another reminder of my joyful and purpose driven commitment to purity and waiting on God's plan. Following your suggestion, I have become involved in a great church with an awesome singles group. Having like minded friends is so important. I am now focused on God and helping others. I am not preoccupied with the vices that the world offers. Taking my mind off of me and focusing on God's purpose changed it all. Only God can provide everlasting joy and peace.


Having a Christian purity ring was very important to me. I checked out a lot of websites and PurityRing.com was the best. It's obvious that this website has a heart for purity and is selling purity rings to honor God. Delivery was quick, the quality of my purity ring is awesome and the customer service was great.

C.K. Ohio

I ordered the 'Protected Heart' ring from this website a few weeks ago and I am so glad I did! Everything about it was perfect - from the packaging, to the shipping time, to the ring itself. I know I will never regret my decision to stay pure and wait on the Lord until he brings my future husband into my life. I must admit that waiting is hard and sometimes I do feel left out when my friends talk about their boyfriends, but I know that God wants me to wait for my one true love and this ring is such an awesome and beautiful reminder on why I should wait. I know the wait will be so worth it the day I say 'I do,’ I know that there will be absolutely no regrets or broken hearts. I know God has someone very special for me and I know that he is waiting for me also, so whenever I feel tempted to do the wrong thing, I will just think of my future husband and how he is the only person I want to share this special and sacred gift with. Thank you again so much for such a wonderful variety of rings to choose from and I know the Lord is going to truly bless me as I wait on Him!


After attending a purity conference at church, my daughter wanted a diamond purity ring. Purityrings.com is a great site and we love her ring! Ordering was easy and we had the ring in just a few days. Thanks!


I placed my order yesterday and I needed a purity ring for a gift today. I received it in the mail today. That's fast !! Thanks purityrings.com !!

Jacob IN

My parents gave me a purity ring from purityrings.com on my 17th birthday. Three years later I am now in college and am dating a guy who respects my decision to be pure and he too has the same values. We are seeking God first to see what he has for our lives and it's total proof that God inspired love does wait! We get along great and to be in a relationship based on mutual respect is so incredibly awesome!! Whatever you want to call it - true love, real love, God inspired love - if you are both seeking the Lord - love does wait and it is worth the wait!


Our daughter made a covenant of purity vow at church last month and we searched extensively for a promise ring for her. We liked your web site and the quality of her gold purity ring is outstanding. We ordered it with express shipping and had it the very next day for her birthday. Her trust in God and her willingness to have a pure heart is inspiring to our whole family. We are grateful that we found your website! Your definitely have a great selection of purity rings for girls.

Mrs. S. AL

We have purchased our two boys purity rings from purityrings.com and are very pleased with the quality. So much of the focus in our culture is on the girls staying pure but it's a two way street and we as parents are so happy that our sons are taking their commitment seriously. It's awesome to see the respect that they have for both themselves and for girls they meet. They know that true love waits!

J & L MI

I am (was) weary about buying jewelry on the internet, but you changed my mind. I ordered a girls purity ring for my daughter's 13th birthday. The ring was delivered on time and the presentation materials are first class. You have earned my future business (3 more kids) and referrals. Purity rings for teenagers is an awesome idea in today's world.


We have purchased purity rings for all of our grandchildren. In today's world there are so many negative influences and it is so easy to fall victim to it. Our oldest grandson was very sincere about getting a purity ring and we have made it a priority to encourage him and our other grandchildren.

B & I Orlando

Our church searched high and low to find christian purity rings and yours are the best by far. We love the selection. We had a great purity seminar and ceremony topped off with your rings and a signing of the free Purity Covenant certificates that you sent. Our prayer is that our church makes this a yearly event for all the new youth to have the same opportunity that we have had to make this commitment to purity. You have been a huge help to us as we teach our youth that "true love waits".

L.C.M Pennsylvania

I cannot thank PurityRings.com enough. Your company is truly amazing. I bought a purity ring for my daughter - it is stunning. It came to the house within a few days packaged in very nice gift box. Along with the ring there was a beautifully done Purity Certificate (which my daughter signed, we framed and hung on her bedroom wall) and a Prayer and Pledge card. I was a little nervous about how to give her the purity ring, and the people on the telephone at purityrings.com were very helpful with some special ideas and suggestions. I know with God's strength and my daughter's passion to trust Him - she is going to do great in her quest to stay pure and live a Godly life. Thank you - thank you!


Our youth group is very focused on purity and abstinence, and each year our purity workshops and ceremony are very well attended. We have made purity rings a part of the presentation since 2000. We found PurityRings.com and have been very pleased with the styles, the quality and the service. The staff is amazing. This is serious to them and we are pleased to co-labor with PurityRings.com - getting the Word out that God wants us to be pure and wait for His very best.

Gary CA

I'm 26 and even though I don't have a purity ring yet (I will get one soon), I have kept my vow for twenty-six years. I think the reason I have been able to do so is because of my upbringing. It's a choice that only YOU can decide on, not family, not friends, not the world and not society. There were times when my friends had boyfriends I felt left out; but in that along-run I knew I was worth the wait. Since God has someone specially made for me, why should I give myself up to some guy I won't marry, never loved, and will never see again? What makes this really special is that not only does God know I'm worth the wait, whoever my future husband that God has in waiting for me knows I am too.


I took a purity pledge and received one of your One Life, One Love rings about eight months ago at my church's girls missionette's ceremony. And I absolutely love it! It is a daily reminder that I don't need to be looking for a boy at this age, but that God will put the man he wants me to marry in my path when I'm ready. While I sometimes do wish I had a boyfriend like some of my friends, the ring is a constant reminder that God has a guy somewhere out there that is saving himself for me and that when the time is right we will be together.


I bought the sterling silver "One Life, One Love" purity ring for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. We both have very strong beliefs that intimacy should wait for marriage. I want him to know that whether he is "waiting" for me or someone else....*HE* is worth waiting for. The purity ring is so much more beautiful than the pictures on the site. I was a little worried at first that I wasn't ordering something of quality. But when I got the ring (prompt shipping) I was so stunned at the gorgeous polished ring! It's awesome! To top it off, the wooden ring box, it comes in, is also beautiful! He's going to love it. Thanks for making my Valentines Day so awesome!


Being raised to believe that I should wait until marriage to have sex was a foundation to what I feel now. Recently I gave my entire life to God and with his help have made the decision to wait until I am married to have sex. Not until now have I realized what it really meant to save myself for God and my future husband. I owe all glory to God and this is only a small token of my love for him!!!

Dana KY

I have always believed that sex in a very secret thing, a gift you and your spouse share. You and I know there are pressures in which if we choose to overcome them, we shall understand; why they say everything has a propose or a meaning. So that's why I have devoted my body's desire for love to my future spouse.

S V N.E.

Thank you so much, I love my chastity ring. The box added a really nice touch to the whole package. I truely think that you all are doing a great job and I am so to pass on the message about your site. The delivery was on time too.. :) thanx


I have had a purity ring since my 13th birthday and I believe it's an awesome reminder of what God has called christian girls to save themselves for their "prince charmings". As our gifts to them we should save not only our body but our hearts. Purity rings are an incredible reminder of this. I didn't get my ring here but this is an awesome site and I pray that God will continue to use it to lead teens toward purity!


I am probably one of the younger people on here but that does not change the fact of staying pure. I love God so much, and I know that he loves me more than I could ever imagine. I don't know how I could honestly say that I love God, my parents, the guy God has planned for me, and myself, and actually have sex, the holiest, most amazing form of love between a husband and a wife, before marriage. I thank God for Christian parents, who support me in my promise to keep myself pure. I know this world is hard and full of temptation, but I am thankful to have a savior that I can talk to. Thank you purityrings.com for providing an incredible site to share my testimony with other teens and young adults facing the same difficulties as me.


I just wanted to say that since I have gotten a purity ring my life has changed and I encourage you to walk on and stay strong in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Being a guy in today’s world, there is so much in our society that challenges my walk in purity. Temptation is anywhere I turn. Thankfully, my purity ring is a constant reminder to the covenant I made with God. I know that when He does bless me with a Godly wife, I will be so very thankful that I remained pure. For now I have faith to wait. Not only is His will for my life perfect, but so is His timing. I am so grateful for my purity ring. It’s such an awesome reminder. I am confident in the Lord that my true love waits for me! Thanks purityrings.com!!


How can I begin to thank the people from purityrings.com enough?? Being a single mom with a teenage daughter, I searched for a way to instill in her the value and importance of purity. Purityrings.com not only had an awesome purity ring (at a great price I might add), but the pledge card and poem were the perfect compliment. This package helped me to easily and confidently present and talk to my daughter about purity. Now she’s made the commitment and is serious about her purity. The staff at purityrings.com is very informative and encouraging too. What a great group of people. We are definitely recommending purityrings.com to all the youth at church. Thanks so very much.


I think saving yourself for your husband (in my case) is the greatest gift you can give him. I have a purity ring and it reminds me of my promise and when my friends see it if gives me a way to share my faith. I made my choice long ago when I was young and I got this ring when I was 13 as my symbol and reminder.

Mary FL