Why Purity and why a Purity Ring?

People often ask us so what exactly is a purity pledge? It’s like an abstinence pledge or virginity pledge right? You promise not to have sex before marriage right?

Well part of purity is promising to stay abstinent before marriage, but purity in whole is so much more than just pledging to wait for your honeymoon. Purity is making a covenant with God to be pure in all areas of your life. Having a pure mind, a pure heart and a pure spirit. It’s learning to see the world through God’s eyes and reacting to all situations the way He would. Purity is also putting your life in God’s hands and trusting Him with your entire life, knowing that if you honor Him He will honor you (1 Samuel 2:30). It’s being in constant communication with God and knowing that He will provide your directions, your desires and your needs.

Of course walking in purity God will also bring His has chosen spouse into your life at the right time. While single you can serve God and others in unique ways that a married person often doesn’t have the time to do.

Waiting for your wedding, your remain sexually pure until that day. After the wedding though we don’t stop being pure in the other areas of our lives. We still live pure and righteous as God calls us to do. Life is filled with peace, purpose and joy. The world around us is in total chaos but we know that God is in control.

A purity ring is that representation of our commitment to God’s promises and willingness to be pure. At our wedding we exchange our purity ring for a wedding ring. The wedding ring not only represents our commitment to our spouse, but it signifies the union created by God. A union of three that just doesn’t stop at the wedding. Successful married couple knows the key to their relationship working and honoring God is to invite Him into the marriage everyday.

Purity is the most exciting and yet peaceful journey that a Christian girl, guy, teen or single adult can go on. Learn more about purity and purity rings at www.PurityRings.com today. Talk to your pastor or youth pastor too!

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