What your Purity Ring tells you about OTHER people.

A purity ring represents that the person wearing it has made a covenant with God to stay pure in all areas of their lives (their mind, their heart, their body, their spirit) and to stay abstinent until marriage. They trust God’s plan for their life and seek His will everyday. They know that love waits.

What is often not thought of about a purity ring is how it helps the wearer see the true intentions and convictions of others.

When people see that you wearing a purity ring their opinion is almost always showcased. A purity ring is a great conversation starter. There are people who will agree with your decision to walk in purity and they will encourage you. Many strong lifelong friendships have been born through a conversation about a purity ring that someone was wearing. Accountability groups have formed and being of the same values and morals it opens up a strong support system.

A purity ring too can bring negative opinions from people. Sadly some people might ridicule you for wearing one. While our initial reaction might be sadness, we have to find peace in the fact that we now see exactly where these people stand. Their open negativity saves us the hurt of getting into a relationship or friendship with them where they would try to compromise our values. It’s best to know up front where they stand and avoid investing your heart with them in the first place. Remember that no one who loves you or cares about you as a friend would disrespect what you hold so dear. Even people who might not agree with you should respect you as you should respect them. If we are mature, we can disagree and still respect each other’s values.

Yes, your purity pledge, your abstinence promise and your purity ring will create some interesting conversation starters. Ultimately though it’s a decision between you and God. Either you hold true to God’s definition of love (1 Cor 13:4-8) or you don’t.

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