Putting a Priority on Purity

Walking through the grocery store, we cannot help but notice the importance that the food industry and consumers are putting on foods and beverages that are organic or pure. Dozens of different brands of bottled waters all claiming to be as pure as possible. Dedicated aisles in mainstream grocery stores filled with organic, pure and natural products. What’s in recent years has become a $10 billion dollar plus industry of providing Americans with food and beverages that are as pure to nature as possible. Likewise there is a huge movement to keep the earth as clean and pure as possible. From the land, to the water, to the air great initiatives are being taken to preserve, protect and recycle. Finally there are new vitamins, supplements and cleaning products hitting the market everyday to purity, detox and cleans the inside and outside of our bodies. Yes, living a “pure” life has become a passion for many.

As noble a cause as all this may be, every single one of those things is perishable. In fact, everything on the planet is perishable with the exception of one thing…the human soul. The Bible tells us that one day, the earth and all it’s contents will perish and fade from existence (2 Peter 3:12), while also declaring that every person’s soul will exist eternally (John 3:36).

So the question has to be asked…”Do we put the same purity-priority on the things that last forever that we place on the things that don’t last forever?” What are we more concerned about, our diets, our dying bodies, our environment, or the one thing that we’re actually going to take out of this world? The answer is obvious. People’s priority should be purity of soul, and that only happens through a steady diet of obedience to God’s standard for our lives. And that standard doesn’t include sexual activity outside of marriage.

We have our bottled water, we have our organic fruits and vegetables, we even make sure our pets are eating right. But none of this matters in the long run if we’re impure in the area of our existence that matters most? It makes no sense. It’s like fighting over the best deck chair on the Titanic.

Let’s be smarter than that. Let’s live the way God designed and intended us to live. Let’s be pure when it comes to that part of that’s going to endure to the end. Let’s make a covenant with God today to be pure in his definition of purity. A purity ring is a great reminder of that pledge. It’s a promise to trust God in all areas of our lives. Abstinence is an important part of purity, but purity is a promise that never stops.

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Girls Purity Ring in Silver from Purity Rings.com

Girls Purity Ring in Silver from Purity Rings.com

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