Powerful Guy’s Purity Ring – Cross and Crown of Thorns from PurityRings.com

One of the most powerful guy’s purity rings that you will find is the Cross and Crown of Thorns purity ring from PurityRings.com.
Manufactured in the USA in solid sterling silver this purity ring represents the covenant that a young man makes with God to stay pure in all areas of his life and to wait for God’s hand chosen spouse. The cross and crown of thorns represent Jesus ultimate sacrifice for us and now our promise to Him to wait for His best and to trust our life with Him.

This guy’s purity ring is stocked in every full and half finger size and available for immediate shipping. You can customize your purity ring with a diamond, ruby or blue diamond – all set by expert diamond setters and guaranteed for life. Every guy’s purity ring is presented in a handsome gift box with a free Covenant of Purity Certificate and Purity Pledge card.

The purity pledge a Christian single man or teen makes let’s women know that he will honor and respect them. He will stay abstinent until marriage and she can trust him to cherish her faith and values.

PurityRings. com is an awesome website to find quality purity rings at factory direct prices. A Christian ministry, you will be delighted to know that you can trust them to provide outstanding service and value. Their team of master jewelers are available to re-size and polish your purity ring at anytime. PurityRings.com website is also filled with inspiring blogs, testimonials and Bible verses. Their ministry’s purpose is to encourage teens to wait for God’s best.

Please visit PurityRings.com to view their entire collection of quality purity rings and learn more about their ministry.

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