Your purity ring – as unique as you are!

Teens and singles sometimes ask whether their purity ring has to be a certain style, design or even metal since they often see one or two of the same designs on many websites and in Christian bookstores. The answer is of course no. While a few foreign manufacturers mass produce purity rings that many companies resell, is your direct source for many unique designs that they create in their factory right here in America.

Nestled away in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, is ministry of expert jewelers and diamond setters who have a heart to inspire and encourage Christian girls, guys, teens and singles. Using their talents to honor God, they design and manufacture an extensive collection of purity rings for both girls and guys. Using only the finest precious metals such as solid sterling silver and solid 14K gold, they create amazing purity rings with many different varieties of gemstones. Great care is taken to manufacture the purity rings in virtually every finger size to ensure the perfect fit. Every ring is hand polished for incredible workmanship and detail.

Since is the direct source, you are guaranteed awesome prices. There are no middlemen, resellers, foreign companies or giant corporations driving profits. This is a humble company that puts teens first. They always keep a full inventory of their entire purity ring collection on hand which guarantees that your purity ring will ship fast! Usually purity rings are shipped the same day that the order is placed. also offers a great warranty. Since they are the source and they are a team of master jewelers, they can resize your purity ring, polish it like brand new and even replace a gemstone. Actually all of their gemstones are guaranteed for life! will even engrave your purity ring with a personalized message. They know that presentation is important so they package every purity ring in a stunning gift box. A free Covenant of Purity Certificate (that can be signed and framed) and a free Purity Pledge card is included with every purity ring order.

Knowing that the purity and abstinence message shouldn’t stop with your purity pledge and new purity ring, maintains Facebook and Twitter fan pages where they post insightful messages everyday. These purity messages inspire and encourage you along your journey and are often great topics to dive into more deeply at your youth and accountability groups.

Please check out Not only do they have awesome purity rings, but you’ll rely on them to be an important resource of encouragement during your walk in purity.

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