Putting on your purity ring and avoiding the storms in life that we can.

This last week we saw via the weather that there are some things in life we cannot avoid like a hurricane hitting North Carolina and the Northeast or a rare earthquake shaking most of the country east of the Mississippi River. Much like life, unavoidable storms will hit that we cannot predict or avoid. It’s our faith in God and the kindness of others that gets us through them. However, we all have to routinely take note of our lives and see what storms that we can avoid.

A teen or single who chooses not to walk in purity until marriage and trust God to bring the right mate into their lives at the right time subjects themselves to slew of storms, some of which can be quite devastating.

We see so many young people bouncing from relationship to relationship looking for acceptance and self esteem that can only come from within and a secure trusting relationship with God. Not walking in purity, they open themselves up to potential devastating storms such as unplanned pregnancies, possible abortions, horrible diseases, broken hearts, bad memories, ruined finances, destroyed reputations and fractured families.

By choosing to commit to purity and trust God, a teen or single person never has to deal with the emotions of guilt and worry. They don’t have to face the storms listed above. These are not random storms either. Every year millions of people are affected by them. Your chances of living on the edge and getting away unhurt are very very slim.

Purity works, and millions of people are successfully on the journey that God has for them. Many make the commitment and get a purity ring as a reminder of this commitment. Much like a wedding ring that represents your connection to a spouse and the marriage relationship, a purity ring represents your trusting God and waiting for a glorious walk down the wedding aisle. You live life to it’s fullest during your single season, because there are so many exciting things that you can do as a single girl or guy (ministry, volunteering, mentoring, missions, etc) that a married person usually is somewhat restricted because of new responsibilities and opportunities.

Walking in purity is a journey that is never too late to start. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what your past was like. Today is a new day and God’s always ready to begin the journey with you. It’s simply a renewed relationship between you and God.

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