Wearing a purity ring and walking successfully in abstinence.

In recent years millions of teens have made a covenant to purity in all areas of their lives and a commitment to stay abstinence until marriage. Many of them wear a purity ring as a reminder of this purity pledge and as a statement to others letting them know that they are waiting and trusting God to provide the right spouse at the right time.

While making this purity promise is awesome, there are a few keys to successfully walking and living in purity from the time you made the commitment until marriage. Today we will touch on a few of those areas.

1. First and foremost it’s critical to stay close to God and trust His plan to unfold in your life. Daily prayer, reading the Bible, devotions are all important and quite frankly necessary. It’s been often said – the closer you are to God, the further you are from sin. Having a great relationship with the Lord and realizing just how very much He loves you (just the way you are) is key to a successful journey in purity.

2. We have all heard the cliche – “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. That’s so very true. You’ve made the decision to stay pure, so by hanging with people who share these values strengthens your values. Like minded friends provide a critical support and accountability system for you to rely on. If you hang around people who don’t value purity, their walk, their talk, their actions will wear you down and put your purity at risk – so be certain that the people in your life have the same core values.

3. Only consider boyfriend / girlfriend relationship where it’s spelled out clearly up front that you are serious about purity. If they have different values or a different agenda, it’s better to cut the relationship off than invest your time and heart into it, and to risk compromising your purity. Even if you are dating someone who has the same Christian values that you have, it’s important to take the steps to not put yourselves in compromising opportunities. Go out in groups, date in public, don’t vacation together just the two of you, etc. We are human, temptation will creep in if we allow it. Remember though in the end – God’s definition of love 1Cor13-4:8. Love WILL BE patience. Love WILL wait. Anything less, any pressure to compromise is not love, it’s lust and it’s wrong. As a couple pray together for God’s will and direction. Whether in person or on the telephone, it’s so important that you invite God into your relationship everyday. God will reveal amazing things to you both as couple about your relationship. Be assured that the right boyfriend / girlfriend relationship will make your relationship with God even stronger.

4. Get a quality purity ring to remind yourself of your promise and to tell the world now where you stand. Often teens make the purity pledge and maybe they won’t get married for 5, 10 or 20 years. Having a quality purity ring is important since you might be wearing it for many years. Buy a purity ring that is solid precious metal (like sterling silver or 14K gold) and buy it from a reliable company that will size it, polish it or even fix it if needed. PurityRings.com is the leader in purity rings and jewelry. They’ve been in business for many years, they manufacture quality purity rings right here in the US and they stand behind all of their product. They have a full team of master jewelers and gemstones setters on site. Their goal is two fold. One to manufacture the highest quality purity rings at factory direct prices, and two they live and breathe to inspire and encourage Christian girls, guys, teens and singles. Visit PurityRings.com today and see their entire line of purity rings and learn more about their exciting purity ministry.

Purity Ring - Love Waits for Girls from PurityRings.com

Purity Ring - Love Waits for Girls from PurityRings.com

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