Getting Married? Congratulations! What to do with your Purity Ring?

Often we get the question that sounds pretty much like – “I’m getting engaged or married, what should I do with my purity ring”?

Congratulations we are glad to hear that you waited for God’s best. Your patience, your purity pledge, your promise to stay abstinence until marriage is an awesome thing and now you are entering the next exciting chapter of your live. As a couple stay close to God and let Him continue to do amazing things in your life!

Traditionally the purity ring is worn on your left hand ring finger (the same finger that your engagement ring and wedding ring will go on). When a young lady gets engaged it’s suggested that she wears the engagement ring on her left hand ring finger and move her purity ring over to her right hand ring finger. During the engagement season she and her fiance still purpose and promise to remain pure until marriage. If you’re a guy and wearing a purity ring it’s okay to continue the purity ring on your left hand ring finger until the marriage ceremony.

Next comes the wedding ring at the wedding ceremony. Many couples decide to take the purity ring(s) off just before the ceremony and ask their parents or a member of the bridal party to hold them. It’s a special moment between a bride / groom and their parent(s). Other couples wear the purity rings into the ceremony and have a spot planned during the ceremony where they take the purity rings off. You’ve trusted God in your single and engaged seasons. You’ve invited Him to the wedding. It doesn’t stop here. Let God be the center of your marriage relationship. The old cliche is true. A couple that prays together stays together. Everyday invite God into your home and marriage.

Now the question becomes, what do I do with my purity ring? Well it’s neat to pass it on to someone else and ask them to make the same commitment you did. By walking the walk they will respect you and the commitment to trust God and stay pure until marriage. They might be a sibling, a Christian friend, a relative, or one day even your own child. It’s a blessing to be an inspiration to them.

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