Purity Rings and Back to School

The end of summer, just before Back to School is an awesome time to have a purity / abstinence seminar or conference. People always ask when is the best time of year to teach a youth group about purity and we firmly believe that anytime is a great time to teach about purity, however the Back to School season holds a special place in our hearts. Back to School so often brings about big changes in a young person’s life. New school, new classes, new friends, sometimes a new city – especially if college is starting.

Having a purity conference / seminar just before Back to School reinforces the necessity of staying pure and waiting for God’s best for all Christian girls, guys and teens. Often a new commitment or a re-pledged promised along with a purity ring (that serves as a reminder of your vow) sets a positive tone for the new school year. Many times emotions like loneliness and infatuation can hit and cause a struggle in our hearts. If we have just been in a purity conference we have fresh ideas and promises to combat these emotions. We make good decisions based on wisdom and discernment. We have accountability friends to reach out to for advice and prayer. We are encouraged and inspired to wait.

A great website for blogs about purity, abstinence and waiting is PurityRings.com. You will read inspiring blogs and testimonies, Bible verses on purity and of course see an awesome collection of high quality 14K gold and sterling silver purity rings that are all excellent values. Manufactured right here in the USA in every full and half size these girls and guys purity rings are available for immediate shipping. All purity rings are attractively gift boxed and included free of share with every order is a Covenant of Purity Certificate (that can be signed and framed, and a Purity Pledge / Prayer card. There are also links to PurityRings.com Facebook fan page where they post daily encouragement and inspiring discussions.

The start of a new school year is exciting. Contact your youth pastor / leader about having a Back to School purity conference and please visit PurityRings.com today for encouragement and inspiration. Remember – love waits – so make great choices and it will be awesome school year!


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