Guard My Heart Dear Lord Purity Ring

Every young lady walking in purity should have a constant prayer that God guards her heart. That He gives her wisdom and discernment to make good choices and decisions. That emotions do not get in the way of clear thinking and cause poor choices that lead to relationships that she shouldn’t be in.

Guard My Heart Dear Lord Purity Ring in Sterling Silver from

Guard My Heart Dear Lord Purity Ring in Sterling Silver available from

This solid sterling silver purity ring is a powerful daily reminder of that special promise that love waits until marriage. Asking God to guard your heart and help you make solid decisions is a cornerstone of living a successful life in purity. It keeps you in the center of God’s will. This purity ring will serve as a daily reminder of your purity promise and abstinence until marriage. It will also be a great conversation starter that will lead to insightful discussions and sharing of your values. Guys with proper motives will see your purity rings and respect your choice. Guys with impure motives will move on – so the purity ring often keeps the wrong guys away and protects your heart.

Available in full and half finger sizes ranging from 4.0 to 8.5, these purity rings are beautifully boxed and available to immediate shipping. A free Covenant of Purity Certificate (that is suitable for framing) and a free Purity Pledge / Prayer card is included with every purity ring order. Buying your purity ring from insures that you will get great quality, good values, fast shipping and a warranty.

Powerful, beautiful and affordable – this purity ring is perfect to give that special teen, Christian girl or single adult. It’s awesome to present at purity conferences, balls and ceremonies too. Group orders qualify for exciting discounts and free shipping too.

Please visit and check out the “Guard My Heart Dear Lord” Purity Ring along with their incredible selection of purity rings and abstinence jewelry.

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