Purity Ring – One Life / One Love – what purity is all about!

Looking for a purity ring that literally says it all? Check our PurityRings.com collection of purity rings that say “One Life / One Love”.
One Life One Love Purity Ring
These purity rings are made in both guys and girls sizes. Manufactured in solid sterling silver, solid 14K yellow gold or solid 14K white gold – each purity ring is hand polished for amazing detail and finish. When you look at the picture and see the incredible workmanship, it’s easy to tell that this purity ring will last a lifetime. Save it as a family heirloom and one day pass it down to your child and ask them to make the same commitment that you did. It’s a perfect ring for purity balls and quantity discounts are offered. Beautiful gift boxes are included, and fast shipping is guaranteed! Each purity ring order includes a Covenant of Purity certificate that you can sign a frame – it’s a powerful statement of your abstinence pledge.

The One Life / One Love purity ring is an exclusive design from PurityRings.com. After much prayer, their jewelry designer wanted to create a purity ring that stopped you in your tracks and inspired you to think. Throughout the Bible, God encourages the marriage relationship. As a society, we are falsely pushed to pursue as many relationships as we can, but as we study happily married people we find that they more often than not waited for the right person. They didn’t bounce from relationship to relationship or marriage to marriage looking for the perfect mate. Successful relationships happen when we patiently wait on God, going about our lives, serving others and blooming where we are planted.

Again through life we find that have multiple relationships often limits our opportunities to build strong relationships. It also limits our opportunities to invest in building a strong family and children. There is success, peace, joy and purpose in stable family relationships. Chaos and emotional roller coasters hurt everyone involved. Sometime life and relationships are beyond our control, but often when we do have the influence to make decisions and choices, we should pray and discern to make great ones!

Often I have the opportunity to ask elderly people what the best and worst choices of their lives were. Far and away the most given answer is the quality or lack of quality marriage relationship. That relationship, good or bad, have a profound effect on the rest of their relationships in lives (children, friends, family, business, etc.). Those who trusted God and waited for the right relationship had so much more joy in their lives. Many times they said something like, “sure I waited longer to be intimate, but when the right person came along and we married – it was so much better”. We started building a life and although we had highs and lows, we never looked back.

This is what the One Life / One Love purity ring represents. It’s a powerful reminder to look into the future and decide what type of relationship(s) you want. It’s also trusting God that at the right time, He will provide your soulmate. You can go about your business of growing, serving and learning until that day. No worries, no pressure. Love Waits!

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