Your purity ring speaks volumes to others!

We understand the significance of purity rings and that they represent a decision to honor God and stay pure in all areas of our lives. We also commit to staying sexually pure and waiting until marriage. The purity ring is a daily reminder of this important promise. Often when wearing a purity ring, people will ask us what it represents. At the point of our response two things will happen. We will either have an opportunity to explain what purity means to us or we will be judged.
Countless times we have heard how by wearing a purity ring we have had a positive impact in others’ lives. So many people want to respect themselves and have a meaningful relationship with God, and this conversation starts that engine. As you share your walk, your joy, your peace and your purpose, people see that shine through and they want it. We have even heard stories where a girl or guy wearing a purity ring has put a thought into a pastor’s heart that leads to a purity conference at church where the direction of the youth is seriously moved. By one person wearing a purity ring and taking a stand for abstinence before marriage a community has been impacted in profound ways.

Just this week there has been a report published that teens and single adults are delaying sexual relationships more and more until marriage. They suggested all sorts of reasons why (bad economy, stress, not enough free time, etc), but we believe the most important reason is young people turning to God’s word and His heart for people to live in purity! Young people today see the pains of not being pure and they want to avoid that. They see that purity and abstinence can work. Life is not filled with a chaos of emotions, guilt, worry, unplanned pregnancies, horrible diseases, broken hearts, destroyed reputations and torn apart families.

Yes, your walk in purity and abstinence can have an amazing impact on girls, guys, singles and Christians who are on the fence.

Sadly though there are many in society who will immediately ridicule you for wearing a purity ring. So often we hear stories from a girl or guy who say that someone said that they would not date them because they wore a purity ring. While you might be saddened, you should be happy that you know straight up what that person’s intentions were before you got into a relationship where you opened up your heart.

So remember that your decisions and choices have powerful impacts not only on your life, but often on the lives of others.

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