The Protected Heart – A Simple Purity Ring That Speaks Volumes!

The girls Protected Heart purity ring is a truly amazing and unique design. What appears to be a simple and elegant design of a heart and cross interlocking actually speaks volumes about purity and a young lady’s covenant with God to trust Him with her life. Designed and manufactured by the master jewelers at this purity ring represents a Christian teen or single person’s reliance on God to bring His hand chosen spouse into her life at the perfect time. In the meantime she submits her heart to Him to guard and protect. Wearing this Protected Heart purity ring is certainly a powerful testimony.
The Protected Heart purity ring is manufactured in the US and is available in your choice of solid 14K gold or solid sterling silver. The Protected Heart is made in every full and half size between 4.0 and 11.0 to ensure the perfect fit. Great attention to detail is given to each purity ring as it is hand polished by a professional jeweler.
Expert diamond setters skillfully set a variety of gemstones in the Protected Heart including rubies and diamonds. The Pave Diamond Protected Heart purity ring is their signature design. It is hand made in 14K white gold and has approximately 0.20 carat of brilliant cut diamonds set in it. has an extensive collection of these purity rings on hand at all times and is ready to ship the same day that the order is placed. Every Protected Heart purity ring is beautifully packaged and includes a free 8.5″ by 11″ Covenant of Purity Certificate that can be signed and framed. Shipping on orders over $100 is free and excited quantity discounts are offered.

The Protected Heart Purity Ring is the perfect gift for purity balls, graduations and youth group purity ceremonies. As a girl, teen or single adult takes a vow of purity and promises to be abstinent until marriage, the purity ring is a wonderful reminder of this commitment.

Statistics so clearly show an alarming rate of teen pregnancies, horrible diseases, broken hearts, depression, and thrown apart families due to not be abstinent until marriage. Millions of teens and single adults are choosing to wait and are having no regrets. There lives are filled with peace, purpose and joy. When they do get to the marriage altar, they get there with a pure mind, a pure heart and a pure spirit. They are proof that lust doesn’t have to control us and that love does wait!

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