Purity Ring trade up Program from PurityRings.com

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of purity pledges, abstinence and wearing a purity ring. In a society with declining moral values too many teens and singles are not waiting for that once in a lifetime relationship and are engaging in activities that result in unwanted pregnancies, horrible diseases, broken hearts, destroyed reputations and torn apart families. By engaging in such activities at this stage of their lives, they often fail to commit as much energy as they should to becoming the person that God is calling them to be.

By taking the purity covenant and vowing to abstain until marriage, a teen or single person determines to have a pure mind, heart and body. They purpose their lives to be filled with joy, peace and contentment. By not crossing the line, they don’t allow their emotions to lead them down a road of guilt, worry and chaos. Wearing a purity ring is an awesome reminder of this serious commitment.
Often when someone first gets a purity ring it is silver since they are a recent teen or funds are tight. It’s many times their first piece of jewelry and their parents or the person buying them the purity ring doesn’t want to buy a more expensive 14K gold ring. As a society we are getting married at a later age, so many people wind up wearing a purity for quite a long time – sometimes 10 to 5 years. Silver is a great metal choice, but they wish they had a 14K gold ring.

PurityRings.com has the solution!

When you purchase a silver purity ring from purityRings.com, at any time you can trade that silver purity ring toward a 14K gold purity ring on their website and receive 100% trade in value for what you paid for the silver ring towards the purchase of a 14K gold ring. Pretty cool, huh?! It’s easy to do – just call them up at 800-600-1458 and they will take the order right over the telephone, calculate the difference in price and give you instructions on how to send the silver purity ring back. You don’t even have to pay the same ring style that you original purchased. You can purchase any 14K gold purity ring in their collection and apply the credit from the silver purity ring.

Since they are the source, PurityRings.com stocks all of the purity rings, ensuring fast delivery and shipping on trade-ins are free of charge using USPS Priority Mail which takes just a few days for you to receive.

Now only will you enjoy wearing your new 14K gold purity ring now, but after you get married, save the ring as a family heirloom and one day pass it down to your child as ask them to make the same purity commitment that you made.

For the most extensive collection of purity rings for girls, guys, singles and Christians anywhere, please visit PurityRings.com today. Their high quality, great value and outstanding customer service cannot be topped. To them it’s not a business – it’s a ministry and and honor to serve God and you!

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