Cool Purity Rings Facebook Page

Looking for inspiration & encouragement for your walk in purity and abstinence ??

This Fan Page on Facebook is awesome – Purity Rings Fan Page

Daily updates, conversations and comments on how and why to stay pure in your mind, your heart, your spirit and your soul! They talk about relationships with people, with God and the significance of a purity ring. Great reading and informative news for both single girls and guys.

There are awesome discussions on the significance and importance of wearing a purity ring. Other topics include why you should consider being in an accountability group and how to discern if a relationship is God inspired. As many people in our society mock purity and abstinence, this fan page encourages young people to stay the course that God has set for them. Practically abstinence prevents unwanted pregnancies, horrible diseases, broken hearts and destroyed reputations.

A purity ring is the most important piece of jewelry that you can give a teen or single person.

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