Summertime is a great time to get a Purity Ring !! has recently introduced a few new awesome purity ring designs.  Manufactured in America, these designs are manufactured to the highest standards by our master jewelers.  We believe that purity is a long term commitment and when someone might be wearing a purity ring for 10 to 15 years, they should have a purity ring that is manufactured to last.  We use only the finest materials (solid tarnish resistant sterling silver and solid 14K gold).  Rings are manufactured in every full and half size so your ring is never unnecessarily sized or stretched.

Being Christian jewelers we understand how to manufacture quality purity rings that will grow with you.  At anytime that you need the ring sized, refinished or repaired, our staff of trained jewelers is here to service your purity ring.  Our prayer is that not only will your purity ring serve you well, but that you will save it as a family heirloom and pass it down to your children in the future and ask them to make the same commitment that you made.

Many businesses and websites are out there looking to make a buck by following a trend and selling purity rings.  For us it’s a ministry, a calling and a passion.  We are jewelers by trade and we have been manufacturing and selling purity rings for over a generation.  You will notice the difference in our purity rings, our presentation and our service.  We are not afraid to talk about purity, God, Jesus and the Bible.  Our mission is to encourage and inspire.  God Bless !!!

New Purity Petals Purity Ring with Ruby

Every purity ring is beautifully gift boxed with a free purity pledge card, purity prayer poem and 8.5″ by 11″ Covenant of Purity Certificate which can be signed and framed.  It’s a first class presentation!

Since we are the manufacturer and we stock all of our purity rings, shipping is super fast.

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