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Girls Purity Ring "LOVE NEVER FAILS" in Silver

Girls Purity Ring "LOVE NEVER FAILS" in Silver

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LOVE NEVER FAILS – from 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 Verse 8. A powerful reminder to a young lady that love never does fail. Yes true love – the love that God has for you never will fail. Temptations from all angles will tempt us but those who truly love us (the gift from God) will genuinely look out for our best interests respecting us as God commands. The love from God will always be pure and it will always line up with His word. Someone might say that they "love" you but if their actions toward you are not in line with God's command for purity and your best interest – know that it isn't love inspired by God. Love inspired by God will not compromise your purity or tarnish the covenant that you have made with God. Love inspired by God will respect your purity. This purity ring manufactured in pure sterling silver is an awesome gift to give to that special young lady reminding her of God's promise and helping her to discern the motives of those people in her life. This 4mm wide ring has been crafted by our master jewelers to the highest standards. Destined to become a family heirloom this purity ring can be passed through the generations allowing God's promise to be shared with your family. This is an awesome gift to give to a young lady as a commitment (and promise) to respect and honor her purity. 

Included with every purity ring FREE of charge is:

A Beautiful Presentation Gift Box.

An 8" by 11" Covenant of Purity Certificate that you can frame.

A Purity Prayer and Pledge Card.

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